Vettel: It was a totally unnecessary accident

Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel thinks Williams pilot "Lance Stroll" is inaccurate in the "totally unnecessary" round of pit turns after the Malaysian GP finish.

Vettel, who started the race in the 20th place, finished the race in the 4th place after a great rise. Vettel, who had been in such a struggle during the race, suffered an accident with Stroll after the race was over, while he had no contact.

The referees have studied the case but have not given any punishment.

In the referee's statement, "The referees have determined that a driver in this accident is not overly responsible, so there will be no more sanctions."

"The referees also state that drivers must be careful during the slowdown, even if the race is completed." was mentioned.

This accident, which Vettel has suffered, can bring the next race to punish Suzuka for a change of gearbox. There is no penalty for a gearbox change after an accident in the race, but today's event took place after the race.

Vettel: "I was turning out of the curve to pick up the tires, I guess Lance was not looking around and wanted to do the same, she must be looking at the steering wheel.

"He was late, I was already there, and he was in contact." He was completely unnecessary, did not look around, and he tried to track the tire. said.


Asked whether he would need a new gearbox, Vettel said, "I do not know, we need to see it, and I'm sure they will find a way to do it ... It is not my fault for someone to shoot another car to tie their tires." said.

Stroll said, "I was closing my car now, and he kept coming out and forced me to do it.

"I think we should go to the referees, it was just a very strange accident, the race was over, so we did not do anything deliberate." said.