Vettel is Switching to the New Engine!

Ferrari announced that Sebastian Vettel, who had a problem during the third training session, will pass the fourth and final engine this year.


Ferrari was expected to bring the new engine update to the Malaysian Grand Prix, but we previously reported that the team is postponing this update to further races.

The German pilot will use the engine they normally use in Singapore this weekend, and so did the training tours.

However, when Vettel entered the last five minutes of the third training session, the pit crawled almost crawled. When the team told him to stop the vehicle, Vettel said, "On what time do you want to go?" he said, and in the meantime, the vehicle returned the pit.

After the first inspection, it turned out that the engine was an electronic problem and the team decided to pass on the last engine of this season.

The Ferrari would normally pass the new power motor in Japan or Austin. However, with this problem, they do not want to take the risk and the fourth version of the motor is run in Malaysia.


 Vettel will, therefore, have to comply with 0.9 liters of fat burning at 100 km.

There was no information on whether the Vettel, which is in the penalty limit when the pieces were on the pieces, was going to get the grid penalty yet.