Hamilton did a better job, he deserved it.

Sebastian Vettel said that Lewis Hamilton, who left himself behind in the 2017 F1 championship, deserved the championship by doing better than himself.


Lewis Hamilton made the championship number four as the 2017 F1 world champion and equaled the championship with Sebastian Vettel, one of the top champions.


Speaking to NBC after the race, Vettel said, "Obviously I'm sorry, it's hard to know that you are no longer in the championship struggle when you cross the line.

"It does not matter what the rest is or what it is today, the important thing is that it is today's Lewis day, it's champion and it deserves it."

"Overall he was better and he did a better job. said.

"I wanted to make a difference but today is his day, this year his age and he deserved it."

"Obviously we're going to have to deal with what's left, we're disappointed at the moment, next year will be a different story because everything will start again, but for now, we have to give the best man the right and this year's best." said.

"I'm not afraid of it, and I like to compete with him, and frankly I would like to have more struggles this year, but in general they were in better shape," said Vettel.