Verstappen will become the third highest earning driver of the Grid With The New Deal

Red Bull proposed the third highest salary of the young driver Grid in order to keep Max Verstappen in Mercedes' great interest.


Max Verstappen's current deal, now one of the sport's most talented pilots, ends in 2019

It was announced that the deal with Red Bull was extended to the end of 2020, shortly after news that Mercedes was close to the deal and that Ferrari was also offering a contract.

According to the BBC, Verstappen will earn around 26 million euros a year with a new deal, which will take it to the third highest paid pilot after Lewis Hamilton and Vettel.


While Hamilton is expected to sign a record contract with Mercedes, Vettel's new deal with Ferrari is expected to be better than before.

Alonso's salary is expected to go down after Honda's departure, and in this case Verstappen will be the third winner.

According to the report, Red Bull started negotiating new deal and signing when he learned that Mercedes was seriously interested in Verstappen.