Stroll: I proved why I am in Formula 1

Lance Stroll thinks he proves why he competed in Formula 1 with his performance in the first 11 races of the season.

Famous billionaire Lawrence Stroll is believed to have paid Williams $ 80 million annually for Lance, who has won the championship in the European F3 series.

Stroll this season in the first season of the Formula 1, Stroll, the first races of the season came to an accident and his first points in the home of the Canadian Grand Prix.

After capturing good momentum, the young driver was able to get out of the podium in an error-free ride on the Azerbaijan GP.

The young driver who assessed the first half said, "I have to see the facts, because I am here because I am trying to show myself, I do not have to prove anyone wrong.

"I do not have an answer to the critics, I know why I'm here and I deserve to be here, I've reached the Formula 3 championship, and I'm the youngest driver to do it.

"I was the youngest rookie to come out of the podium, it's a success and it shows here I'm not racing just because of the money."

"It will be a good weekend, it will be a bad weekend, and that's what happens in Formula 1. I have proven myself, the results are beginning to talk."

"I know why I'm here, okay, I agree, maybe I had a better childhood than many people and I had more luck

"But I hung my hands with two hands and I was a champion, I won the Formula 4, I was the champion in the Formula 3. I did everything I could, I got the points that nobody could get, and if you want to be in Formula 1, you have to do it."

"I am grateful for the opportunities I have in my childhood, but I have worked hard to get to this point, I could do other things with all this money I have, but I did not do it, I've worked hard to get here."

"Besides my father, there are different sponsors who support me, my story is more than the money my father had." said.