"Signes" at Paul Ricard will turn at 340 km/h!


According to the official simulation data, at the Paul Ricard track where the French Grand Prix will be held next year, the vehicles will reach 340 km / h despite the chicane to be used on the Mistral level, and the Signes will turn full throttle.


Formula 1 returns to France in 2018 after 10 years. The Grand Prix of France, to be held on 24 June, will be held at the Paul Ricard track.

The organizers will select a version of 5.8 km for the race, but on the long Mistral level, a chicane will be added to slow down the cars.

According to official simulation data, the vehicles will reach 343 km / h in advance of that time.

"Shikan was added to prevent the engine from using its full power on the 1.8 km level, and at the same time we wanted to make an overtaking spot."

"So the cars will go full throttle on three levels before two serious braking points." In the 1st and 8th bends, there will be hard brakes, but Signes will turn into full throttle. "

"According to FIA data, the vehicles will reach 343 km / h before the chancellor and 343 km / h at the apex of the Signes, the pilots say that there will be opportunities for transit without DRS in the race."

"At the weekend of the Austrian GP we showed the new configuration to a number of drivers, including Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, who said that the Sevdiler and the 5.8 km configuration were a good option." said.