Rosberg: My life has never been that good

2016 world champion Nico Rosberg says he is enjoying life after retiring from Formula 1.

Nico Rosberg started fighting in Formula 1 in 2006. had his first win at the 2012 Chinese Grand Prix, and fought for the world championship between 2014 and 16.


The German pilot who retired from sports after defeating Lewis Hamilton last year and becoming champion, does not compete in any series at the moment.

The German pilot, who usually spends time with his family, goes to some races from time to time while participating in the TV group of various channels while being on Kubica's managerial team.

Rosberg said, "Everything was perfect, it could not be better, I never felt a better year in my life, I am happy with the flow of my life and my work."

"I'll take care of my new job for a while, I'm enjoying being free at the moment, and it's absolutely wonderful to devote all of your time to yourself."


"You should always think and be selfish in Formula 1. When you start a new life, it's hard to get things in. If you look at it, you are a humble person, but the pressure you feel turns you into a different person." said.

Rosberg, who received help from a psychologist and read philosophical works, says it helps him in daily life.

"You learn something about why people are like this, and it helps me a lot when it comes to raising a child, and I immediately know what I'm doing wrong."

"I'm watching the races on TV now and I'm very happy to do that."