Rosberg: Ferrari has no chance to win against Mercedes

Mercedes has whas six wins this year, while Ferrari has won four times.

While Mercedes looks very strong in Silverstone, the strong side in Hungary was Ferrari.

The rest of the season, however, is generally thought to be better suited to Mercedes, and Rosberg gives Ferrari no chance against Mercedes.

"Ferrari did a really great job during the winter, but after that it's only a matter of development," Rosberg said.

"It is hard to believe that Ferrari can survive this fight, I thought it was exactly after Silverstone, but I was surprised to see them return to the fight in Hungary."

"As we will see in Spa, there is no real chance of a Mercedes runway and Ferrari there." said.

Rosberg thinks that Vettel's approach to "explosion" in Baku reflects a strong character at the same time.

"Sometimes we know that he can not control your emotions, last year we saw this in his radio conversations in Mexico."

"It is one of Sebastian's strengths to be able to come to see the consequences of this type of action."

"In the short term and now it may look weak, but it will make a big difference throughout the season." Sebastian characteristically competes for victory in spite of everything, and that is not a situation that could harm him. "