Ricciardo will get grid penalty in Brazil

Daniel Ricciardo will have to move to a new power unit after experiencing engine problems at the Grand Prix of Mexico.


Red Bull was undecided about switching to a new power unit early on Sunday and eventually opted to make changes.

This move dropped Ricciardo to the back of the grid and the Australian pilot made his way to the top of the first round.

But the Australian pilot, who had a motor problem, had to pull the car to the side and left the race.

After a review after the race, Ricciardo's engine was decided not to be re-used and in this case, he will have to move to a new power unit in Brazil.


Helmut Marko confirmed that Ricciardo will get a penalty.

"There's a problem with Daniel's engine, we have to get a new engine in Brazil, and that's why we will get a penalty." said.

Hartley, Hulkenberg, Sainz, and Ricciardo were out of the race to compete with the Renault engine on the Mexican Grand Prix.