Ricciardo: Verstappen is the fastest teammate I have ever raced with

Red Bull pilot Daniel Ricciardo says Max Verstappen is the fastest teammate he has ever raced on.
Ricciardo, who worked with many teammates throughout his career, has 39 races with Jean-Eric Vergne, 19 races with Sebastian Vettel and 38 races with Max Verstappen


The Australian driver, who also works with Daniil Kvyat, was attracted by his performance against Vettel in 2014.

The 28-year-old pilot says Verstappen is your most difficult teammate in F1.

"I think it is my best teammate Max, and Jean and Sebastian were quick pilots, but if I look at stability and speed, Max was my strongest teammate I've ever raced on."

"I say this in terms of pure speed, and from this point of view, it is the fastest team friend I have ever seen.

"Max has grown really fast in recent years, and he has often been disappointed in the races he could not finish this year, but it made him better."

"It all started out so well and became more professional - it has really improved in the last 12 months, which is good for him."

Ricciardo said it was difficult to understand the vehicle during the season.


"I had some problems with the car this year, I had a fight with the car and it was really hard to make it fit, so I had to work hard to catch the right settings and correct the problems."

"It took a lot of time to get all this under control, for example, I had everything in the Spa after the qualifying rounds and thought, 'I wish I could get back in time.'"

"Max has been happy with the car from the very beginning, I do not know if it's more suitable for downforce and wide tires.