Raikkonen: Ferrari can win the remaining four races

Kimi Raikkonen believes that Ferrari can solve the endurance problems he's been experiencing lately and win the remaining four races in the event of an error.


Ferrari's championship prospects have been tied together with the last three races, with 145 finishes in four races Kala Marks classification and 59 points in the pilots championship.

While Vettel and Raikkonen were in contact with Singapore's first bend and were out of the race, Vettel had a motor problem in Malaysia and had begun the earliest, and Raikkonen could not start with a similar problem.

In Japan, Raikkonen was out of the race due to the race ignition buggy issue, which started on the second row, as the gearbox changed after the third seaning accident and started at 10th place.

When four of the remaining four races - America, Mexico, Brazil, and Abu Dhabi-Ferrari - were given the chance to win the race, Raikkonen said, "Anybody can be in. Everything is possible as long as we do everything."


"The races are different and totally different, and we have to go there from scratch as if it is the end of each week, we must do everything that comes from our hand and avoid problems and mistakes." he answered.

Ferrari is believed to have a pair of doubles in Singapore, while Malaysia and Japan are thought to be at a level where they can force Mercedes into GP.

However, when the engine problems, pilot errors and unluckiness combined, the Italian team left only 22 in the three races and Mercedes in 105 points.

"I do not know what's going to happen, nobody knows," Raikkonen said of Ferrari's status in the Marks classification.

"I know we will push through to the last race of the last race and we will all see together where it takes us."

"The last races were not our best, but I think we are fast enough when we put everything in the right place. said.