Prost: Vandoorne's speed is similar to Alonso, even faster!


Renault's Alain Prost mentioned Stoffel Vandoorne's praise for performance this year and voiced that the Belgian pilot is not slower than Fernando Alonso.

Stoffel Vandoorne had a good performance after making the driving style a turn in spite of a slow start to the season.


The Belgian driver, who made strong performances especially in Singapore and Malaysia, scored 13 points and his teammate Alonso managed to score 17 points.

According to Alain Prost, Vandoorne was at least as fast as Alonso this year.

Speaking to the Belgian RTBF, Prost said, "Everyone followed what Vandoorne did this year because he was shown among the pilots who did what he did before entering Formula 1, with the most hope for the future."

"McLaren started out with adventurous challenges and never got the same equipment as Alonso."


"But Vandorne is now even better performing at the same level as Alonso, and we can say that he has made excellent progress."

"Next year we'll see how good or trustworthy it really is when we have a good engine."

"It's not easy to be in the same team as Alonso, so stay calm. said.