Official: Raikkonen will continue at Ferrari in 2018!


The Ferrari team announced that Kimi Raikkonen will remain in the team during Formula 1 season 2018.


The Fin driver's deal with Ferrari is over at the end of this year and rumors of whether to continue or not have been on the scene since the beginning of the season.

Ferrari announced in 2018 that Raikkonen made a brief statement and left the rumors that he would be in the squad.

Raikkonen's deal suggests that probably Ferrari will continue with Sebastian Vettel. It ended with Vettel's agreement.

F1's new and faster vehicles, Raikkonen's ride showed better performances, such as better satellite and Fin driver position in Monaco.

Nevertheless, messages came to question Raikkonen's dedication to the highest level of Ferrari. Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne used "lazy" expression for Raikkonen before the Austrian GP.

Marchionne: "The impersonate is more devoted, lazy but some days are going, but we will only see." he said.

However, Marchionne made statements that pointed out that Raikkonen would remain on the team.

Marchionne said, "I have clearly stated that Sebastian does what he wants to do. If we come to somebody ... We know he wants to stay. he said.


It is known that Vettel wants Raikkonen to be in the process of staying in Ferrari. The German driver allegedly raised Raikkonen's condition during his long-term stay at Ferrari.

Ferrari was normally expected to announce his pilots at the Italian GP weekend, but he decided to do so in order not to negatively affect Raikkonen's performance.

Ferrari and Raikkonen in 2007, the wristwatch has returned in 2014, but this unfinished victory did not win. Raikkonen took his last victory with Lotus at the 2013 Australian Grand Prix.