Ocon: Mercedes is pleased with my first year with Force India

Esteban Ocon said that Mercedes was extremely happy with the progress it made in its first year of Formula 1 with Force India.
Ocon, fifth in the top 10 picks by Formula 1 team bosses, was eighth in the championship with 13 points behind his teammate Sergio Perez this year.


Continuing to take part in Mercedes' driver academy, the young pilot managed to see the finish line in 19 of 20 races, showing success with 18 races.

"Force India is very happy with what I did this year, and Mercedes is very happy with what I did," he told Motorsport.com.

"Since everyone is happy, I have to go on like this and go on doing the best of what's been done." said.

Ocon said he was constantly in touch with the Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff and that he closely monitored the progress he had made.

"Most of the time we talk on the phone and sometimes we see it on the track."

"They're doing 35-40 minutes of accelerated meetings to see what I'm doing and how we're moving, and they're calling me, we're looking at what I have to do and whether there are areas I need to improve."

"They are also negotiating with Force India to see how my development is progressing."

"They are really close to me and this is normal, they are my main sponsor and all of this is part of my development program."

"They show great interest in what I do, and I think that's a good thing."

Ocon said Mercedes is aiming to get better results with Force India in the 2018 season, instead of focusing on competition on the factory team.


"I am now focusing on what I do for Force India, and if Force India and Mercedes are happy, that means there will be plenty of opportunities for me in the future."

"If you do a strong job, you always have opportunities, you just have to focus on the work you do and the work you do with the engineers."

"I trust the Mercedes until the end, I have always done the best for me and I am sure they will make good choices again."