Hakkinen: Raikkonen is making too many mistakes

Saying that Raikkonen closely follows his rides, Hakkinen said Fin pilots made too many mistakes.

This year, Raikkonen, who had a podium in Russia, Monaco, Britain, and Hungary, had been left out of Spain and Azerbaijan without being able to meet the winner yet.

Vettel ranked in the top two in all races except Canada, Azerbaijan and the United Kingdom and garnered 202 points.

Raikkonen, who achieved pole position in Monaco, is 86 points behind his teammate in the pilots championship.

Saying that he is closely following the champion driver, Hakkinen says, "Kimi has a very good driving style, his ride is great, he chooses the right line, but when I watch the driving pattern carefully, I see that he made too many mistakes."

"It's very fast, but it's lagging behind because of the mistakes, and it's already reflected in these results, which is a positive thing, that these mistakes are starting to decline in the last races.

"Modern F1 cars need very precise settings, and I think Kimi has a vehicle that can fully reflect his potential." said.

Hakkinen adds that the driving style of Bottas is different.

"The Valtteri is a good driver, it has a different driving style according to Kimi, he gets to the fore when he accelerates more, comes from the outside and accelerates the car as soon as possible."

"Mercedes has a very well-balanced chassis, with four tires giving it a good grip, which can speed up the car very well."