Vettel: Entering the Summer Break as a Leader is like a dream

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel said he was very happy to have entered the summer with a 14-point advantage, and interpreted it as "dreamy".

There was some suspicion that Ferrari would be involved in the championship battle this year after "worrying" performance last year.

However, Ferrari showed a very strong performance with his winter tests and took part in the championship fight with stable points.

Vettel, who won the Australian, Bahrain, Monaco and Hungary GPs this year, was ahead of Hamilton in the season, 33 points ahead of Bottas.

In the Constructors classification, the difference between the Mercedes-Ferrari and the previous year was greatly reduced.

Evaluating the middle of the season, Vettel said, "To be honest, it's like a dream for me."

"I want to win, I want to do it all the time, but I have no definite dreams about the difference, points, and things like that."


"As Ferrari, our most important task was to get back to the top, only two and a half years with this team."

"We had a great season to help progress our project in 2015. We have won beautiful wins in the season."

"2016 was a difficult season for many reasons, maybe not good in terms of results but a great year for us to make many changes in the team."

"I think we are the least talking team during the winter, just focused on doing our job."

"There was a lot of noise about the new generation of vehicles and rules, and we all know what other teams are going to do."