Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said his goal after the summer was to get in front of Ferrari

The Austrian team, taking a good step forward with the Spanish GP, is preparing new updates for the upcoming races of the season.

"If we look at the championship, we can not close the gap with Mercedes and Ferrari, but at least we want to pass Ferrari in the second half of the year."

"If we can fight for a few races on the podium until the end of the year and if we can come up to the higher steps on the podium, it will be a realistic and aggressive target for us."

Horner said that the problem of "correlation" they experienced during the winter has lost them about 3 months.

"At the beginning of the season we were given what we had, not matching what we got on the track, we saw that we had nothing to do with it, and in general we were mistaken in the wind tunnel."

"Our car was different in size from what we expected, normally our wind tunnel is very sensitive to these issues."