Alain Prost from Renault said that in the future it will not be possible to go back to V8, V10 or V12 engines.

Formula 1 In 2014, V6 turbocharged hybrid engines from atmospheric V8 engines, but this transition was not as desired.

While Mercedes dominated the sport with new engines, these engines were more expensive and quieter than expected.

Especially when the voice of the new engines was criticized by fans, new engine work began with Ross Brawn getting to F1.

"They just want engines that are not as complicated as they are today, and they want to use electricity differently or do different things."

"In short, no manufacturer wants to go back, and I think that's what makes sense." said.

Prost thinks manufacturers can benefit from both Formula E and Formula 1.

"Sometimes the rules change and different technologies are used, but Formula 1 is always the peak of technology."