Mick Schumacher: I want to compete in Formula 1



Mick Schumacher, son of Michael Schumacher, said that his only goal for the future is to compete in Formula 1, but in 2018 he will continue to compete in F3.  


Mick Schumacher, who finished second in the ADAC and Italy Formula 4 championships in 2016, completed the MRF Challange in third place,   In the first season on the hill, 30 races left the podium only 1 time, leaving 18 races in the season with 12 points.

The young driver who was chosen as the third best-of-breeder of the year among the five pilots with his performance during the rookie season said his purpose was to compete in F1. Lance to Stroll the first race 18, Max Verstappen's the answer to a question about the advent 17 years that 18-year-old pilot, "I'm concentrating on myself and I'm not comparing myself with other drivers.

Everyone is moving according to its own pace and not be able to compare." "But my goal was always to Formula 1. This year I'm trying to prepare myself for the next step.

I'll take the next step when I felt like I was ready. I have to prove myself first for that."

"I tried to learn as much as possible in my first year. This year was a learning year and I'm really pleased. I'm trying to improve in every area. I will probably stay here next year." said.