Mercedes will not leave Wehrlein


Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff added that while Pascal Wehrlein was one of the most powerful pilots, he did not have the thought to leave the German pilot.


Wehrlein reached the championship with Mercedes at DTM in 2015 and competed in Formula 1 the following year with the support of German manufacturer.

Despite winning five points with Sauber this year, the German driver, who has been able to score points with Manor, has lost his seat in the team - with the effect of the Ferrari deal.

At the moment, the only option for 2018 is the question of what will happen if Wehrlein, Williams, can not get this seat.

Toto Wolff said they would not let the German driver make big investments in his career.

"Pascal definitely deserves to be in Formula 1. He's one of the fastest pilots out here, and he's having trouble finding an empty seat at the moment, but he's going to have a role in Mercedes."

"It will be up to him whether he can join another level other than Formula 1. We have no plans to leave him, he will continue to be a part of our team." said.

Wolff also praised Esteban Ocon.

"Esteban has performed very strongly this year and has done great work against Sergio Perez."

"Next year we will have to take the next step and it is the hardest to take this step, it has an incredible stability, it makes little mistakes and its speed is very good."

"It's going to be quicker next year and it's going to have to stand out against Sergio, which is a bit uncomfortable to compete in the team and damage the cars."

"It's not just Esteban, it's affecting Checo, and it's annoying to see it as a team boss."