Marchionne: Ferrari Will Come Back Stronger

Sergio Marchionne has supported the Italian team, struggling with problems in the last three races, and voiced confidence that the score difference will close in the remaining races.


Ferrari and Vettel, who made a strong start to the season, had fallen in the second half of the season, despite entering the Hungarian GP as a leader.

The Italian team suffered endurance problems in the final races many times during the last races, both in the Vettel championship race and in Ferrari's championship hopes remained miraculous.

After these problems, Marchionne was expected to make a statement and gave support to the Italian president.


Speaking on Monday, Marchionne, 65, said, "I do not talk about bad luck, because I do not believe it, especially in motorsports, it's important to lose confidence that we've won so far."

"Remember last year, nobody said anything more than Ferrari could be in this position, we are here today and competing for the championship."

"I do not want to look arrogant, but I think we are at the same level with them even if we are not better than Mercedes today," Red Bull made progress, but I do not believe that Ferrari will influence the race position. "

"The season is not over, we have plenty of time ahead, and the rest of the four races are full of confidence that we will close a large part of the difference with Mercedes. said.

Marchionne interpreted the problem they lived as 'bullshit'.


"It was nothing more than a technical bullshit affecting a vehicle of millions of euros."

"If you have a problem, you have to deal with it, I think we have to renew our work on the quality department.

"There were three races we saw all together with the devastating effect on performance, so we have to solve it and solve it."