Malaysia 2nd Practice Session: Vettel Leads Ferrari 1-2!

Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel completed the second training session before the Malaysian Grand Prix, the 15th race of the 2017 Formula 1 Championship.


Unlike the first training session, the second session started on the dry ground and ended up on the dry ground.

Most names were difficult to hold onto the track, and it crashed off the track. Sainz and Grosjean said most pilots were not satisfied with the balance.

Undoubtedly, the greatest event was that Bottas and Hamilton had to go out of the track and enter the gravel trap.

As Bottas rolled out of the runway, Hamilton spun into the wet borders at the seventh corner and entered the gravel floor.

The British pilot, who turned the car on the piste, turned just like his teammate, and after a while he came back on the track.


The Ferrari pilots, who tested a number of aerodynamic components, especially a new base, seemed generally satisfied with the car, while the other pilots complained of slipping.

Grosjean, passing over the water drop door that opened for 20 minutes, made a big accident and the session was stopped with a red flag.

It turned out again that the grill was opened by passing over Bottas and Raikkonen, and that the Grosjean had blown off its tire as it passed over it.

After that, the session was not restarted and Sebastian Vettel, who made 1: 31.261 with super soft tires, took first place.


While the German pilot had 23 laps during the session, Ferrari's teammate Kimi Raikkonen took second place with 1: 31.365.

Raikkonen's team-mate who had 19 laps lagged behind 0.6 seconds.

With these results, only the Ferrari pilots could land under 1:32.

Daniel Ricciardo took the third fastest time with 1: 32.099, while Max Verstappen, leader of the first session, scored 11 times and finished fourth at 0.010 seconds behind his teammate.


Fernando Alonso of McLaren again had a strong training session and was the fifth fastest time holder at 1: 32.564 and 1.23 seconds behind Vettel.

While Hamilton was sixth after the troubled session, Bottas was seventh. Other names that complemented him first were Sergio Perez, Nico Hulkenberg and Esteban Ocon.