Lowe: Williams Are in talks with kubica


Paddy Lowe from Williams said they are interested in Robert Kubica for the 2018 season and that he could compete with the Polish driver if his body did not make a problem for himself.

Kubica, which was tested long after Renault this year, tested with Williams at Silverstone during the past week.

The English team said the test passed well but did not give detailed information.

While Kubica's chances of return were increasing, Lowe did not hide his image of the Polish driver.

Asked if they were interested in Di Resta, Kubica, Wehrlein and Massa, Lowe asked, "It's no secret that we have a place among the pilots, and Felipe is on this list and on the right side of the list."


"We have to make the best possible solution and we have not decided yet, we do not need to hurry, we want an experienced pilot, but that's not all we care about when choosing one."

"It should be a good competitor, helping the vehicle develop, but we do not expect it to be an engineer." "If you are a good pilot and give good feedback, that's enough."

"Robert is an extraordinary pilot and we know what we all do before the accident, so that's an opportunity we need to evaluate.

"Certainly we have to test to make things clear," said Renault's test, which is already positive, and we are talking about a special situation because of the limitations in the body.

"Of course, if we're on the run with these two pilots, it does not have to mean we're just focusing on them." said.