Lowe is not happy with Williams's situation

Williams technical boss Paddy Lowe has said he is disappointed because of the performance the team has shown so far.

Williams is in fifth place, two points ahead of Toro Rosso in the order of the teams. However, the fourth place scores 60 points from the Force India team.

Lowe: "According to the mid-season report, we are not in the place we want."

"We are experiencing a big disappointment, the tool is faster than the score chart shows."

Lowe said that the instability of the vehicle on different tracks was a major hindrance.

"The situation changes from cırcuıt to cırcuıt, and we have significant weaknesses."

"We need a ride that will perform equally well in different places, that's what we'll focus on next year."

"We understand some of them, we do not understand some of them.

"But we hope to be much better at the second half."

Lowe said the team will soon focus on improving the vehicle for next year. However, the updates for the FW40 will not be interrupted.

"It's always the same for both vehicles, and the next year the vehicle will begin to focus more and more slowly."

Lowe said the incident was related to deciding which elements would only be present in the current vehicle.

"It's a moment that I do not want to invest in the current lease, it's about making separate decisions for both vehicles instead of making solid decisions."