Kvyat will run Ferrari's simulator works


Ferrari explained that the team's new development pilot, Daniil Kvyat, will be responsible for the simulator work at Maranello.
Following the championship in GP3 in 2013, the Russian pilot who stepped into Formula 1 with Toro Rosso, was sent from both Toro Rosso and Red Bull following his ineffective performance in 2017.

Ferrari's development pilot became the young pilot who could not find any results from his talks with Williams and could not find an empty seat for himself in the new situation.

Everyone was wondering exactly what kind of role Kvyat would play, and Ferrari said that the Russian pilot would be responsible for the simulator work.

Speaking about Kvyat, who has been involved in Red Bull's simulator since 2013, Ferrari said, "Daniil will be responsible for his simulator work on development pilot duty." said.

In response to the question whether Kvyat will go to the races, he replied, "Our pilots will be responsible for the work on the track."

Toni Vilander from Fin Publishing Company C More said that the decision was "a surprise".

"He has become a highly experienced pilot because he has competed in other teams until this year and he can carry all of his experience to Ferrari."

"Maybe the manager thought it would be the right decision - even if it does not help his talent develop."

On the other hand, Kvyat wonders whether it will pass to Haas or Ferrari as Esteban Gutierrez did before.

"The situation for Daniil is really difficult, but maybe he can get the support of some sponsors."