Kubica is "realistic" about his chances of returning to F1

After a rally accident in 2011, Kubica retired from in F1. 

Kubica Testing The 2017 Car

Kubica Testing The 2017 Car

At the beginning of this year, Renault did two tests with the 2012 vehicle and decided to bring the Polish driver to a formal testing session in order to better understand whether it is possible to turn around in 2018.

With the 2017 Car Kubica did 142 Laps around Hungary and Finished 4th

"Compared to four months ago, I have seen a great change in the way I look today, and everything happens very quickly." 

"After three months I left behind, I made great progress, and as long as I do this, everything can happen in the future, but I have to be realistic, nothing is easy."

"My goal is to have such a role in F1 and I do not know if I will have this chance, because if I do not get it, I will not be disappointed because I look very realistic." said.