The 2017 season started beautifully for Max Verstappen. The Dutchman who won the podium in China collected 35 points from the first four races. But at this point things have reversed for Verstappen.

Verstappen, who scored 13 points ahead of team-mate Ricciardo in the fifth race, could only collect ten points in the next five races due to endurance problems and unfortunate events.

Ricciardo was on my podium all of these five races. Ricciardo, who has won in Azerbaijan, is 50 points ahead of his teammate in the ranking when he enters the summer.

Team boss Christian Horner said, "Daniel has been doing a lot of the last few races, and with the help of his luck, it was so nice to see Daniel in the top of the Podium in Azerbaijan."


"What Max did in China, or Austria, where Daniel was under pressure, Montreal .

 We have had beautiful races this season." said Horner also talked about Verstappen's frustration.

 "Barcelona was out of the race with no guilt, and he could not finish in Baku and Montreal because of engine problems." "But his frustration has been great and I am sure he will make a good turn in the second half of the season."