Honda prepares three engine updates for 2017

Honda boss Yusuke Hasegawa said they planned to use the fourth, fifth and sixth version of the engine in the rest of the season, but they did not give a date for them.

Beginning in the season quite slow and unstable, Honda has stepped forward with the second version of the motor, while the third version has solved the durability problems to a large extent with the engine.

In Hungary, who got their first points in Baku, McLaren Honda, who separated with two points with two vehicles, got the best result this year.

In the past few weeks Hasegawa claimed to have worked on the fourth and fifth version of the engine, Hasegawa confirmed it, and even said that they planned the sixth version of the engine.

Hasegawa said, "We are preparing two more updates, this number can be found in three, and we want to make big steps in both cases.

"We have to look at how to manage these steps, how to use the new updates and where to use them.

"I think we can do better than Hungaroring, I'm sure we will improve in performance, but I can not tell you how much we will grow, how much performance we will achieve at some point, or anything." said.

Whether Honda's development rate is higher than Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault, Hasegawa said, "Yes, there is no doubt that we are closing the song, but we are the followers and naturally we have to do it." Gave the answer