Hamilton: Mercedes should work the tires better than this

Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes has improved the tire use, but it has more work to do during the season.

Despite reaching six victories this year, the German team, which has won four victories against Ferrari and a victory against Red Bull, can not perform dominantly in recent years.

The German team suffered particularly from ultra-soft tires, complaining that the tires Ferrari had not worked well and quickly since the beginning of the season.

At the moment, Hamilton, 14 points behind Vettel in the championship, emphasized that they should do more in this area, even though they are better.

"I think we've come a long way and we've managed to improve the situation, but there are some pitfalls that we're aware of, and we have to be very careful."

"In the last few races the wear on the tires has started to increase, which means that the vehicles are getting faster and we have a lot more force, and we need to better understand the situation."

"We are constantly working and constantly investigating, and we are making every effort as a team to bring the situation to a better position."

"As a driver, I do the same thing, I try to sit with the tire engineers and listen carefully to them, trying to figure out how to use them better and how to push them."

"I am confident that we will continue to learn more ... We are in a very good position right now, but there may be some surprises in the future. said.