Hamilton is already thinking about next season

Lewis Hamilton announced that he is determined to come even stronger in 2018 after he announced his 2017 championship in Mexico.

The British pilot has managed to achieve his third championship in the last four years with his strong performance this year.

The 32-year-old pilot seems to be already considering the 2018 championship.

"There will be a bigger competition from you than Ferrari and Red Bull. I want to be better at you. F1 will never stop, there will always be some who will fight for my position. For example, Max Verstappen is one of these names. I have to be even better to defeat him. This is one of my motivations. "

Unlike other pilots this year Hamilton competed without a personal trainer. The champion pilot also started a special vegan diet this year.


"My continuity is the biggest factor in success. We were generally good at racing, but the factor that brought this success was not always good in the sequence. My starts have always been good. I did not go to a special place this year. I tried to develop myself at every point as a pilot. "

"It's been a good experience for me to have a coach this year and it was fun to be motivated by myself, for example, when I went to the runners, I went to the last meter of the trainer last yards, It was even sweeter. "

Four-time champion Hamilton also said he wants to win races with much better performances as he has been out of print for the last two races.


"The last two races are not an opportunity for us to expand, but rather to win by having fun."

Hamilton responded to questions about the new contract by saying they were talking to Toto Wolff.

"We had already talked about it a few weeks ago. It's easy for us. We already have a good environment in the team. The purpose of the new deal will be to talk about what I can do more for the team, the sponsors and the brand and what they can do for me. In the next few months, we will also solve this problem.

Hamilton seems to remain in Mercedes until the end of 2020 with a new contract, Hamilton will be 35 years old at that time. Racquets Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel have similar agreements with their teams.

Hamilton expects you to have higher competition. Especially he told you he wanted to compete with Verstappen more.

"We all know he's a great pilot. I'm glad that Red Bull is back. I hope you have better engines and are more confident. I am sure that Max will be a candidate for the championship with more experience with age. He has a very pure ability, but he is very young. There is a lot to learn and these will make it even more wonderful. "