Force India wants to compete for third place

Otmar Szafnauer from Force India said that the protection of fourth place will be a success this year, but third place is their goal.

The Perez-Ocon duo was scored by scoring six under the first seven races, while 10 out of 11 races and Perez scored 9 out of 11 races.

The two drivers, with 101 points, moved Force India to fourth place in the marking class and got 60 points with the fifth Williams.

Szafnauer says Red Bull is third in goals despite being 83 points behind.

"We are pleased if we finish this year in the fourth place, which is a good success for us, but we want to go ahead and fight for the top three."

"For the moment, the first three teams seem far away from us, and we have Renault, who has a lot of resources and is very active, and we have to remember big and strong rivalries like Williams and McLaren."

"We continue in line with our strategy, we look at where we can develop, we are interested in what we can do both in terms of personnel and infrastructure, and we continue to grow and prepare our work plan for 2018."

"We know the areas where we are weak and we are trying to get rid of them, so if we do, we can target the third."