Ferrari Delays The Engine Update to Austin

The Italian team seems to have taken a decision to postpone the up until the new engine Austin, changing the strategy for the engine update.


Vettel and Raikkonen, who were out of the race on the first meters of the Singapore GP, claimed it could be a problem with their engines, but both pilots were NOT able to avoid the accident.

In the last weeks, the claims were that Ferrari would bring the fourth and final engine update to the Malaysia GP. But according to Italian sources, Ferrari will not bring the new engine to Malaysia, nor does it consider bringing it to Japan, the next race.

According to sources, there are two reasons for this decision. The first of these; the team needs a few more weeks to improve the engine. The team will have had the chance to focus more on the durability issues that arose during engine testing up to Austin. The second is that the third version of the engine has not yet completed its life cycle. The team is considering passing on the new engine after fully using the third version, which can burn 1.2 liters of oil at 100 meters.


The fourth version engine will not have a huge performance difference compared to the third version engine.

The team is also working on a new aerodynamic package for the Malaysian Grand Prix. Some of this package has already been sent to Malaysia. The rest will be sent to Sepang in the coming days.

While some of these updates directly affect 2018, it is claimed that there will be a big change in the back side