Top 5 Sebastian Vettel Helmets

Top 5 Sebastian Vettel Helmets

Sebastian Vettel used to change his helmet nearly every single race until they introduced a rule where they tried to stop Vettel changing helmets every race.

Vettel makes incredible designs when he does a special livery he includes some tradition from the country the race. 



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Sebastian Vettel went with a blue, gray, white triangular design over his classic German flag white helmet for the British Grand Prix in Silverstone.

Vettel qualified 4th and finished 7th due to a tire failure when he was running 2nd

4 - MONACO 2014

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Vettel designed his helmet full metallic bronze for Monaco, looked incredibly amazing on camera with the car.

Sebastian qualified P4 behind his teammate who was P3

Vettel didn't manage to finish the race due to an unlucky mechanical failure

3 - SINGAPORE 2017


Vettel designed one of the most unique designs in Formula One history he used a light up livery on his classic design

Vettel got an amazing pole in Singapore

Unfortunately, Vettel crashed with Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen in the first lap putting him out of the race


2 - JAPAN 2017


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Vettel decided to ask an artist to hand paint his helmet.  Number "5" written in Japanese, German flag with flowers and a little ninja behind his number and blue details looked spectacular.

Sebastian Vettel qualified on the front row 2nd.

But he retired due to a spark plug issue

1 - BRAZIL 2013

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Sebastian Vettel used a cartoon style background for his helmet

Vettel Qualified on pole position on won it easily.

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Bottas: I have to win the races in 2018 and beat Hamilton

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