Ricciardo: Mercedes and Ferrari are very strong

Ricciardo: Mercedes and Ferrari are very strong

Red Bull pilot Daniel Ricciardo accepted that Mercedes and Ferrari seemed very strong after Friday's practice laps.


Daniel Ricciardo was in fourth place with 1:28.144 in his first practice session, making the second session 1:28.408 and fifth place behind 0.856 seconds.

Ricciardo's fastest lap in the second session was 0.3 seconds slower than the fourth Kimi Raikkonen.

The Australian pilot admitted that Mercedes and Ferrari seemed very strong.

Ricciardo, "Ferrari and Mercedes look strong, and I hope it will not be the same all weekend, we have to find some pace tomorrow and Sunday."

"We have to manage everything and especially the temperature because the weather is very hot, it will be the key to having a good car on Sunday, Ferrari and Mercedes will be very fast in one round but we will try to be closer to the race."

"It's a great day for me, but not fast enough, we win something in the bends, but we lose it even more on the circuit."

"I hope Saturday is better tomorrow, but I do not have much anticipation."

"If we can stay on the third line and find out how we can put the tires on longer, we can have a chance on Sunday." In tires, we are not used to seeing in Silverstone.

"If we want to be strong, we have to base those tires for a long time!"


Ricciardo, now evaluating their ability to use DRS in the first and second bends, said: "It was a big fight! You have to find a good spot, we'll see what happens on Saturday but it was fun to go there with DRS today." said.

Ricciardo added that long flats are a handicap for themselves.

"We certainly have a generous loss, we win in some bends, but we lose them later."

"At this moment we do not seem to be at their pace, as I said it would be important to keep the tires at the right level in these extraordinary conditions of Silverstone."

"If we can get over it, maybe in long runs, things can turn into our favor."

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