Ferrari will bring a new update to Silverstone

Ferrari will bring a new update to Silverstone

In response to Mercedes, Ferrari will bring a new floor to the Silverstone race, bringing a major update package to boost performance at the Austrian Grand Prix.


The Maranello-based team of aerodynamics co-workers are working on a new floor design to improve the performance of the SF71H in high-speed bends at Silverstone.

In the case of this exercise to be used in Friday training, the UK GP is planned to be used for the rest of the weekend.

Ferrari was well aware that Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton were getting the front of the grid thanks to Mercedes' major update package for W09, despite rising to the lead in both championships in the Austrian Grand Prix.

The team has decided to bring the update package to Silverstone, which has been working on it for a long time.

The Italian team will have to manage better the thinner Pirelli tires throughout the weekend - despite the new update package - which fits more in Mercedes compared to the crews.

Everything to increase the car's balance can give its fruit at the end of the week, when unexpected temperatures can affect tire management.

Red Bull's boss, Christian Horner, thinks that depending on the temperatures, last week's Austrian tire problems can be repeated and there is high wear.


"Last year, Kimi raced a tire in the race and Sebastian once rubbed the tire so he decided to bring a new tire line for the new surface, and this is a tire that fits Mercedes incredibly."

"Barcelona and Paul Ricard brought these tires and ironically won both of them, and you can see why Toto Wolff wants to use this tire for the rest of the year."

"I think Mercedes will be very strong at Silverstone, but we know that this hot air wave can go on and that these tires are very sensitive to temperature, which can be an interesting variable.

"Silverstone has always been an extreme race, either too cold, too wet or too windy. said.

Ferrari's updates for Silverstone

Ferrari's updates for Silverstone

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