Bottas: Ferrari were stronger than Mercedes today

Bottas: Ferrari were stronger than Mercedes today

Valtteri Bottas from Mercedes said his second is the best possible result for him on the Canadian Grand Prix.

Valtteri Bottas, along with Max Verstappen in the first two rounds of the race he started in the second row, managed to maintain his position.


Fin, who went second in the race, tried to reduce the gap between Sebastian Vettel and out of the track and finished second in the race, 6.4 seconds behind.

Fin said that he got the maximum from the pilot's car and that your second is the best result you can get in those conditions.

"In my opinion, we got the maximum today, and in the laps, everything was obvious at 0.1 seconds, maybe we could find that number and it might be different from the pole, but today the second place is the maximum result."

"I can say that I am happy today because I got the maximum, but I'm not happy to be behind."

"I think I'm second for the fourth time, if you're a driver who wants to win the race, then the second place is not the best place for you."

"But as I have just said, there is not much we can do when we consider the place we started and the speed we have."

"This is where we are now as a team, Ferrari is the better side over the weekend, and Red Bull is very close to us, so there's nothing we could do better today."

"Our car is not fast enough yet, so I can not say I'm sorry for the second, I want to win, and this is my only goal, but it will not be more than this."

"This year the fight is really close, so we will continue to push it, we have to develop as a team, and I am trying to place every little piece for myself."

"If we went back to the race, I was second in the race and in the first and second bends there was an exciting struggle with Max, it was fun, but the only thing I did was to force each other very much, to fight fairly and to be happy to be ahead."

"In the first part, we pushed too hard to catch Ferrari, but we could not keep up with them."

"We used a lot of fuel in the first part and when we did, we needed to save more fuel in the second part, so yes, it was a stable race, not much."

"In the end, Max was so close to me because I saved fuel."

"As Sebastian has said, we always have to push through as much as we can and we do not have enough time to get stuck in the car, you always have something to do and you have to concentrate 100%."

"There will be good races, some races that have never happened, but this year there were exciting races as well, so everything will be in the way."

"I have to be honest if we chose one or two more sets of hyper-soft tires as a team, we could reasonably make a bit more of the qualifying rounds because we worked with a limited number of sets," Bottas said.


"We only had one set during training and we had to run these tires immediately in the qualifying rounds."

"It's easy to say something after we've done business, but I think we came here again and I brought one or more sets of hyper-soft rubber."

"I think it was the ultrasoft right decision for the race, we are happy because of our strategy, everything was good, there was a question mark on the ranking performance.

"I think we had a new motor in this race, I hope we can help us fight Ferrari and Red Bull when we are in France." said.

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