Hamilton: I lost the Pole position because of one corner

Hamilton: I lost the Pole position because of one corner

British pilot Lewis Hamilton of the Mercedes Formula 1 team thinks he could get his pole position in the Canadian Grand Prix if he did not have any problems in the tenth corner in his qualifying round.


Hamilton has been in pole position for every Montreal race since 2015, but on Saturday's qualifying rounds it was the fourth time that he had a blockage problem many times during the session.

The championship leader is the latest in the industry, including the tenth curve, where he is most powerful in Montreal, but this time he said he could not catch the rhythm he wanted with Mercedes.

Hamilton "That corner was vital for pole position."

"The balance was very good on Friday at 10th corner, but the last sector is where I am best on the track, but the bumps at the 10th corner have made me very aggressive, slowing me down."

"I think I had a few small blockages yesterday, but we did not have a lot of problems, so there might be other areas that are badly affected

"So I was constantly coming into this corner and it was really hard to stop the car, sometimes the front tires were locked and sometimes the rear tires, so it was very messy."

"I have to look at the situation to see what exactly it is, where I left off important times for the tour, and if I could go as I wanted in this bend, or how I could go, I would take pole position." said.

Hamilton, Mercedes, said he was not able to test these tires until Saturday morning in Montreal, where he brought less hygroscopic tires than his competitors, which is one of the problems.

"I think it would be nice if we had more time to prepare for hyper-soft tires if we went back and look at it this weekend, but unfortunately it was not."

"The test we conducted in Abu Dhabi was the main factor that drove us to this land."

"We did the best of what we did, but we had to put everything together and we did not do it."

"We knew that sorting tours would be as close to what we see today, but I feel we have the speed to get the first line, or at least I was fast enough to be on the first line."


Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said he agrees with Hamilton.

"It is a championship that can win or lose with these little things."

"If we had the chance to change the weekend, we would have undoubtedly tried to reverse this situation when we thought our drivers had made too few rounds with hyper-soft tires."

"We could start today to use hyper-soft tires, which was the precise factor, probably not, there were many factors."

"If I was a personal thinker, if we could get the tire set to the best condition, whatever tire set, it could finally give us an advantage in sorting." said.

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