Alonso aims to score points in Montreal

Alonso aims to score points in Montreal

Fernando Alonso said he hopes to leave the race with points in Montreal.

Although Fernando Alonso performed well on his training tours, he remained well below expectations in the qualifying rounds and could only be 14th.


Teammate Stoffel Vandoorne is only 15th, but this year the Renault engine McLaren was also behind Toro Rosso using the Honda engine.

However, Alonso spoke hopefully about the race and said he was aiming to score points.

"We knew from the outset that this runway could be challenging for us, and we were hopeful when it looked very competitive on Friday because the car was perfect and the results were the same."

"That's why we were convinced of ourselves about the qualifying rounds but unfortunately we did not like what we wanted today."

"Today we need more information about everything ... We should focus on tomorrow and see what we can do."

"The ratings were really close, so if we could find a few decimals today, we could be in a different location and perhaps show us differently."

"But now we are in this position and I think we can get points in the race.


"Our strategy will be important in this regard, I believe we have a chance to compete for points."

Alonso said, "It's hard to say, it's hard to say anything, the speed of all the teams is different, the situation changes from track to track, we have to understand why we are here, we have no definite answer. Our weak points are in the middle and Montreal is bringing these points in. We need to improve and it is frustrating today. " gave the answer.

Eric Boullier said: "We aimed to have a final break with at least one car after Friday's performance, so it was disappointing to be eliminated in the second part but this was already a difficult track for us and the result was not surprising. we continue to protect."

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