There are still doubts that Ferrari's 2018 car is illegal

There are still doubts that Ferrari's 2018 car is illegal

Despite the FIA's explanation, claims that Ferrari's part of the 2018 vehicle is not legitimate continues.


During the past few weeks, Ferrari's 2018 vehicle had been allegedly illegal, but the FIA denied these claims.

There are allegations that Ferrari is even pushing the limits, especially on fat burning. There is also some doubt about the exhaust-wing rear wing.

The technical directive sent to the teams yesterday informed that it was no longer possible to add motor oil in the qualifying rounds and there was a gap in the oil burning rules. On this count, the FIA will have a better chance of seeing how much fat the teams have burned.

The first time the Ferrari engine is running, it produces a great deal of smoke and there are various claims that the Italian team is burning too much oil.

According to La Gazzetta Dello Sport, the FIA team did not give a name, but this decision signaled Ferrari.

In another report in the German Auto Motor und Sport, it was claimed that the design of Ferrari was seriously searched by the FIA.

"The FIA thoroughly examined Ferrari on the Chinese Grand Prix and questioned the entire oil system in detail." The statement said.

The FIA has decided that the Ferrari system is legal on this.

But this is not the only doubt about the Italian team's vehicle.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, Red Bull says that the mirrors used by Ferrari in 2018 are not in line with the rules. This is one of the topics investigated by the FIA.

It is also claimed that the FIA has launched an investigation into all engines on the Azerbaijani Grand Prix and that the focus is generally on Ferrari.

Auto Motor und Sport wrote that there were some suspicions that following the Baku race, Ferrari produced more than 4 mJ of power, which the battery cells were allowed to use intelligently with the design.


According to the rules, the teams can start each round with an energy of four MJ, corresponding to a maximum of 160 horsepower. But Ferrari is producing more.

"The topic may be on the agenda of Formula 1 over the coming weeks," said correspondent Michael Schmidt. says.

It is not limited to that. It is claimed that Ferrari feeds the rear wing with exhaust gases thanks to the turbo.

According to Schmidt, these allegations may be Lorenzo Sassi from Mercedes to Ferrari.

"This is one of the possibilities," said Lorenzo Sassi, former Ferrari engine chief with Mercedes since April. said.

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