Wolff: Alonso and Ricciardo are good options

Wolff: Alonso and Ricciardo are good options

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is confident that the German team will continue with Niki Lauda Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton when they say they look at other options for the 2019 season.

Mercedes has been fighting with Lewis Hamilton since 2013 and Valtteri Bottas since 2017.


Although Bottas managed to win the race last year, he remained under expectations and finished third in the season. This year he performed a similar performance to Lewis Hamilton in general, except for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Both pilots are finishing up the contract, and Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has four drivers in hand; Bottas said they looked at Hamilton, Esteban Ocon and George Russell.

But Wolff said that his words were misunderstood and that they were looking at the outside of these options.

"The translation of the explanation is not done correctly. I said we will stick to the Mercedes-connected pilots for next year. But you will also consider other pilots and Daniel is definitely one of them. "

"Loyalty comes first, then the other pilots."

"For example, Fernando is a great driver, and if he had not had any problems with his previous involvement he would probably have ten championships, and he certainly is driving flawlessly."


"In Formula 1, everything is now connected, and you need a long-term strategy, I think even if Fernando now becomes a different person, he's suffering a decade ago."

Niki Lauda, n the other hand, implied that they would continue with Hamilton and Bottas.

"There is no time pressure on Lewis's deal because it will be 110%."

"We've already accepted everything, and there's no point signing it now or three weeks later."

"Valtteri is doing a great job this year, three races before Spain were faster than Lewis."

"If you speak objectively, he certainly does a good job, just as Nico Rosberg did before."

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