Stroll's father says his son will stay at Williams

Stroll's father says his son will stay at Williams

Lawrence Stroll, father of Lance Stroll, said the family still believes in Williams, and stated that he has no plans to look at alternatives for 2019 and beyond.


Williams made a difficult start to the season and the eighth place  in Baku is the team's only score. There is no indication that the team has improved or that the form has improved.

But Stroll's father says he is not coming to the point to seek alternatives for his son.

Speaking to after the Spanish Grand Prix, Stroll said, "We have not come to that spot yet. I'm Williams, I believe in my team. It was the wrong way so far. "

"This comes to mean a bit of awakening, and I hope that people will correct the situation by doing the work from their hands. I'm sure it will not be as fast as we and they want. "

"But we do not go once."

"The vehicle is not at the point we want, it's far behind. We were also in trouble when we came here for the test, and we still have it. It clearly shows what's wrong with the car. "

"Everyone is trying to do their best in the fastest way possible. They know where the problem is. Someone who can not see the eyes can figure out where the problem is. I know they are working hard to fix the problem, "he said.

It is known that Stroll's father made punches for more technology transfer from Mercedes. Force India used a gearbox supplied by Mercedes for the year, but Stroll Sr. he thinks that he is not much of an affair.


"I am not a member of the board, I do not feel in the team, I am only Lance's father. I do what they do to speed up the tool. "

Stroll Sr. this is good for your 19 year old son. Lance has finished all the races so far, he's getting a lot of space at the start and he's not involved in the accident.

"I think the performance of my son is perfect if you look at the car below. It was his 5th great race. It's hardly any better than there are in the lineup, but the first round is incredible. "

"He passed his team-mate 5 times, and the car succeeded in passing the good pilots himself. In terms of performance, I and Lance could not have been happier. "

"Of course we want a vehicle in front of the grid, but it could not do a better job than that under your hand."

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