Ricciardo: Hyper soft tires must be brought to every race

Ricciardo: Hyper soft tires must be brought to every race

The Red Bull driver called Daniel Ricciardo Pirelli to bring the hyper-soft tire to each track.

The new hyper-soft tire will be on display in Monaco for the first time. Ricciardo believes that if this tire is brought to all races, the uncertainty in the race will increase.

Ricciardo "I do not know why they do not give hyper-soft tires to every race. At least we can use it in order. "


"Let's use it in order, and with the bigger tire difference in the race, more opportunities emerge. It was obvious on Friday that for the first six teams, it would be soft in the lineup and the race would be a strategy of finishing with a single pit stop and medium tires. "

"Right now the races are very predictable. There should be more options, more surprises, "he said.

Ricciardo's interpretation came at a turn where the drivers complained that there was no difference between the tires. Pirelli claimed that the tires were a step ahead of last year, but the soft super soft rubber difference in Spain was only 0.3 seconds.

The teams also had difficulty controlling the temperature of the super soft tire during a stint. Particularly the front left tire was too heavy in Barcelona. With little difference between the super soft and soft rubber at the lap time, the soft rubber became the majority of the grid.

Haas pilot Romain Grosjean is among the top critics of super soft tires: "It sucks. It's not right that we go faster with soft rubber. "

"It shows that it is not as it should be. The super soft should be faster, of course, and you need to wear more. Driving with a super soft rubber is more difficult. "

"We can not get much support from the back of the car, we can not push as much as we want, so we saw this with Pirelli in the driver's meeting. We all have to continue to work because there are things we need to do. "

"I do not want to spread negativity, we can only work together for a better tire."

Pirelli race manager Mario Isola represented the company at the drivers' meeting.

Ricciardo "Vettel did the talking. Mario did not seem to get along very well with her. Vettel is funny. "

"But he stood on a point. I threw the fastest breather with soft rubber, as we have seen in most places this year, there is no big difference between the tires. We start with the soft tires and we start the race with it, we are good for fast cars but you are starting the race with the worst tires that can be 7th or 8th. "

"They are already disadvantaged because they started behind us. The teams in the middle group are also complainants and they are also right in their complaints. "

Ricciardo also confirmed that there was not enough driving on the hyper-soft tire in the 2 tests to determine how to handle the race conditions.

"It looks like a good tire. At the end of last year, we used the test in Abu Dhabi and it looks like a good tire to me. Good grip, good winter test, so it's okay. I do not know how long it will last on some tracks, but it looks like a solid tire. "

Although such a move is risky for Pirelli, the difference between the tires can be increased to 2, as in the case of the company in China. Medium, soft and ultra soft tires were used in China. Though the security tool affected the race result, Red Bull's tire strategy helped Ricciardo win.

Isola "I had an interesting conversation with the pilots. They have different ideas for the future. "


"This is an interesting suggestion because they are happy with the tire choices in China. Sometimes the difference between medium and soft tires is less than a second, so we can increase tire awareness by one level. For example, it can be hard, soft, ultra soft.

"We can simulate possible effects. We have 6 different tires so we can jump 2 levels like in China. "

"However, these conditions can be used as hyper-soft sorting tires and they have to start the race with it according to the current regulations. It's not easy. You should consider all possibilities. "

"It was an interesting conversation. They told me their thoughts, and I told them. I also talked about situations they did not consider. "

"We can not find the right combination immediately. The pilots are very fond of the hyper-soft rubber because of its high grip, but its wear is so high. "

"The hyper-soft rubber is not for the pistes that act hard on the rubber. Yes, you can take a very good tour, but using the same tire in the race is something else. "

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