McLaren wants to continue with Alonso in 2019

McLaren wants to continue with Alonso in 2019

McLaren is determined to keep Alonso in the squad and will not consider building the 2019 drivers before mid-season.

Team boss Zak Brown could not convince Alonso to stay in McLaren for long-term, though he said Alonso's McLaren was the happiest.


Alonso is competing in the WEC this year and last year did not go to the Monaco Grand Prix to attend the Indy 500. Alonso complains that F1 is so predictable and it is uncertain whether he will stay in F1.

Brown Sky Sports "We will clarify the driver squad in the middle of the season. We'll look at what Fernando wants. "

"Formula 1 is his passion, but he's doing this job for a long time, so I do not know exactly what he wants. I hope it will stay with McLaren for a long time. "

"He loves the atmosphere in McLaren, and I do not think he's so happy in any other team."

"His heart is still for F1, but he also wants to win. We will wait and follow the developments, bring updates, and then sit in the middle of the season and talk. "

"Fernando will continue racing, and I hope he will do it with McLaren."


Alonso is still one of the best drivers on the track, but he won his last race 5 years ago. But the week before the Grand Prix of Spain, the WEC Spa won the 6-hour race. This was his first victory after the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix.

Brown also supports Stoffel Vandoorne, who made a tough start to 2018 and is 5-0 behind in terms of the qualifying results.

"Stoffel is doing a good job."

"Stoffel de Fernando is also very good. Stoffel is doing a great job against the best pilot in the world. It was a difficult year because he was a rookie last year, but the difficulty will make him a better pilot in the long run. "

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