Vettel: Ferrari should find the weaknesses

Vettel: Ferrari should find the weaknesses

Sebastian Vettel thinks that Ferrari should accept that it is not fast enough, and that they have a terrible race in terms of durability.

Vettel took 3 pole positions until this race, but it was behind the Mercedes in the sequence.

Vetel ran past Bottas at the start and ran up to second place behind Bottas and Verstappen, who made two pit stops and one pit stop because of tire wear concerns.


Vettel was also the only Ferrari driver to reach the checkered flag after Raikkonen lost power and left the race.

Vettel, who is 17 points behind Hamilton, was not as fast as the first.

"It would be bad if we could not see it because we did not have pace in the first stint."

"Secondly, I was getting along with the tires during the weekend. They changed for everyone. Our goal is always to go better, not too worse. This is the second thing we need to focus on. "

"Thirdly, it was a weak week for durability."

"Some had trouble with the engine at the time of the race, and the racetrack also had the edge."

"These are the three things we need to lean on in general. If we do not see them, we have no say. "

"As I've said many times before, this team has a strong and incredible potential, but we have to solve the problems and move towards the goal."

"It's been a good season so far. Sunday was not a very good day, but it's important to understand why. "

"You can look back and see what's missing in preparation for the race," he said.

Vettel says Ferrari needs to investigate the reasons for lack of performance before finding out the results.

"In the last few races, there are speed pants that will reach the finish line."

"We can not win because we do not have that pace in Spain. I told you before."

"In the short vault we have brought updates but maybe others have brought more updates."


"Our tires were different, maybe there were more tires than the others. But how will it help us to find an excuse? Long story short, we did not get to be fast enough. We need to solve this. "

"Did the security agent break the business? Did it create a disadvantage? These are not important."

"Eventually we were not fast and our tires did not last as long as the other teams. Otherwise, I will stay behind Valtteri and I will finish 2nd. It was not an option and I finished 4.

In the championship, Ferrari is 4 points ahead of the competition and is now 27 points behind.

Vettel also spoke about the strategies.

"We could not follow the same strategy because our tires did not last as long as the others. We had to do the pit stop again and pit lost time and dropped back two places. We did not have the option of entering the pit. "

"We had difficulty finding balance in the car and we were having problems with the front tires. The changes made for this weekend probably affected us worse than others. "

"That's why we are pleased to return to 'normal' tires in Monaco."

"We did not have enough speed today, Mercedes was faster than us and we did not get much luck. We tested the best, but something is missing, we have to work on it and develop it. "

"It was difficult to balance these new tires throughout the weekend. But I am optimistic for the next race. "

Raikkonen will not have to switch to a new engine in Monaco!

Raikkonen will not have to switch to a new engine in Monaco!

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