Leclerc: It's great to get points again

Leclerc: It's great to get points again

Sauber pilot Charles Leclerc said he was satisfied with the result after the Spanish Grand Prix, which he was able to re-score.

The Sauber pilot managed to catch up with the Chinese GP despite the fact that it was under expectations in the first two races of the season, and in Azerbaijan it got both the first points and the best result.


Leclerc kept his strong performance in the Spanish Grand Prix, with the final division for the second time in the qualifying rounds, and he entered the first after the great start.

The Monaco driver, who made a good defense during the race, was eventually 10th and succeeded in getting points.

"It's great to get back and score points, it was a very interesting race, and the weather made it difficult to drive, especially tire management."

"Now we are even closer to the middle group, and now we have to aim for the middle group on both the race and the qualifying tour, we need to work harder for it, but I will surely reach our goal if we keep working this way."

"If you have the possibility of fighting with other vehicles, you may have a chance to show more, but if you are the last or last, it is difficult to do it." Even if you do an amazing job, you can not get points or you can not be close to the poo.

"It was very hard for me to keep Fernando behind me at the end of the race, and the same thing happened to Sergio, I did not have a left front tire, wear, bubbles, everything was so bad and so bad."

Leclerc is also excited about Monaco.

"We have been able to make a remarkable progress since the beginning of the season, and the whole team has really worked hard to keep it going."

"It will be important to stay focused, the next race will be in my own home, and it's exciting to be in Formula 1 for the first time there."

Finally, Marcus Ericsson said he was disappointed that he could not do more after the race he finished in the 13th place.


"I am very strong in the first half of the race with middle tires, and after the pit, the virtual safety tool was unlucky and frustrating for me, and in the second part I have difficulty in managing the soft tire."

"After all, I am disappointed because I have not been far away from the Pound, in general I have had a good race, I have fought very well, I have made very good advocacy."

"Charles was good for the team to score, I hope I can get back to Monaco."

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