Vettel: Top 3 teams are very close

Vettel: Top 3 teams are very close

Sebastian Vettel acknowledged that there is a lot of work to be done after the first day in Barcelona, but he spoke hopefully for the weekend.

Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel had 0.950 seconds with leader Bottas when he was in third place with 1: 19.098 in his first training session.


The second session took Vettel's fastest speed to 1: 18.585, while the difference with leader Hamilton was 0.326 seconds.

After the session, the German pilot explained that the biggest change was the tires.

"Everything we put in the car worked and it was the most important thing for us, the biggest change in the general sense was the tires, it was definitely different, I do not know, and I do not believe they are better than their old ones.

"Today the track was pretty dirty and there was a lot of drift, and it was windy from time to time, so it's been a bit of a strange day, but I believe we can work on the car and we can develop tomorrow."

"I do not know how strong tomorrow we will be, but I know we will be strong, I have not got any poles in here and I do not know if we can get it tomorrow we will try to do it.

"Today it was good overall, we are satisfied with the car's balance, we'll see it, we can move on, we can find more from the car."


"Even today, we have a lot of work to do in the future, we can be happy overall, we tested the tires, we looked at what it was like and we have to see what will happen tomorrow."

"I think it's a bit more potential on the car, and that means we can do more.

When asked about the possibility of winning the Pole position, Vettel said, "I do not know, the group is really close, we can be the first or even the sixth. gave the answer.

Vettel responded to questions about the design of the mirror on the Halo, "It all came to improve vision!

"Opinion is now easier, so we've changed them, now we have a different position and I can see better, and it also shows Halo better."

"If we look at recent years, we often invent something that others will copy, such as copying our sidepods, which shows that we are moving in the right direction." said.

Ferrari replaced Raikkonen's engine!

Ferrari replaced Raikkonen's engine!

Vettel: Details will make the difference

Vettel: Details will make the difference