Renault confirmed that they are interested in Ricciardo!

Renault confirmed that they are interested in Ricciardo!

Cyril Abiteboul from Renault said that they are interested in Daniel Ricciardo for Carlos Sainz, who is likely to leave the team at the end of the season.


Renault has announced that it will compete with the Spanish driver in full season in 2018, starting the race with Carlos Sainz with the US GP last year.

Sainz has the option of crossing to Red Bull for 2019, although he will compete with Renault, and if Red Bull does not take on the team in 2019, this option will get out of hand and the Spanish pilot will be free to go with the fit.

However, Red Bull pilot Daniel Ricciardo's deal ends at the end of the season, and there is a chance he might go for another pair.

Abiteboul makes it clear that they want to continue with Sainz, but he also says he is interested in Ricciardo.

"We have rented Carlos Sainz from Red Bull and it seems possible to return there by the end of this year, so we prepare ourselves for every situation."

"We have two big pilots, but of course Carlos and I have a very special situation, we knew we would be vulnerable for the next year since the first day, so we need to think ahead of time."

"We started a journey last year with Carlos and we know that we do not have everything on the long run, it's not a casual situation, but we have to accept it."

"We have to cross the other teams in a few areas, and the driver market is one of them, we are trying to solve this with the driver academy, but I do not think there will be any improvement in the short vantage." Jack Aitken will see what he will do, normally he is the first candidate but it is too early.

"We are interested in talented drivers and Daniel Ricciardo is one of those names Daniel knows what we are strong and weak because he uses our motors so he is in a good position to evaluate Daniel knows what we are as strong as we are and what we can do and he knows where we are weak.

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"But if we want a driver like Ricciardo, if we want to seduce a driver like him, then the first thing we have to do is do our job in the best possible way."

"If we can achieve the best possible package in terms of chassis and engine, then I'm sure you'll be an interesting option, and we'll show you how serious our targets are and we will be able to help someone like Ricciardo."

"As you can imagine in Formula 1, there are deadlines and contracts, but I do not have to share them with the outside world," Abiteboul explains, whether it is a deadline to send Sainz to Red Bull at the end of this season.


"As I said, even if we can not control everything, we need clarity about the future, so I'm trying to speed up negotiations with Red Bull."

"Even if everything is not our control, we need to clarify our future plans as soon as possible."

When asked about Hulkenberg's contract, Abiteboul said, "Will Hulkenberg's contract end at the end of 2019? It's a bit complicated, there are some options in the contract, but I will not give any details, and we always said it was a long-term deal." said.

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