Verstappen: We don't have any problems with Ricciardo

Verstappen: We don't have any problems with Ricciardo

Max Verstappen said that the relationship with Daniel Ricciardo after the accident in the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan was not broken and there were no problems.


During the fight against Ricciardo during the position battle in Baku, they ended up fighting Verstappen from behind in the first corner, colliding with each other and being out of the race.

Red Bull executives said that both pilots were equally at fault and that they would go to the factory in the next race, the pre-Spain factory, to apologize to their teammates.

Speaking to Red Bull Servus TV, Verstappen said they had talked to Ricciardo about the incident and that there were no problems between them.

"We have talked about the incident, we have no problem, we both know that what is not good for the team, we had some hard struggles before, but everything is okay."

"He has to be forced, but now we need to go to Milton Keynes and apologize to the team."

"We need to stay positive, because we have a good chance at Barcelona, we have a lot of updates, everything is going well."

Asked whether his relationship with Ricciardo is comparable to the relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in Mercedes, Verstappen said, "No. We talk a lot after the win, we both are disappointed, I do not think we will change the relationship between us." said.

Team orders
Verstappen said that both he and Ricciardo were aware of what they did in Azerbaijan, but that they should focus on the future instead of thinking about what happened on the weekend.

"It's a terrible thing for the whole team when we think about how many points we lost, and it's unacceptable to have an accident with your teammate."


"Such a situation should not be repeated, there may be accidents, but not with your teammate."

Although team managers insist that they will not apply team orders, Verstappen is worried that such a decision may be made.

"Yes, but the situation is not that serious," said Verstappen, who answered the question of whether Force India's scenario, which we have been through last year, is worried about repetition in Red Bull. "No problem at this time, but we had to think team and let it happen." said.

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