Leclerc: It was crazy to fight with big teams in Baku

Leclerc: It was crazy to fight with big teams in Baku

In the Baku race where Charles Leclerc is sixth, he said it was "crazy" to fight Fernando Alonso and to be able to deal with the pilots of Formula 1's top teams like Red Bull and Ferrari.


Sauber's rookie pilot Leclerc spent the majority of the chaotic Azerbaijani Grand Prix in the top 10 and eventually finished sixth in the ranking and achieved the best level of team since 2015 .

The Monaco pilot finished the race in front of a Spanish pilot, crossing Alonso with an attack on the first corner with new tires in the middle of the race.

Speaking to the media after the race, Leclerc said, "To be able to beat Alonso in this early part of my career is absolutely satisfying." I mean, I was watching Fernando in Monaco when I was five, it was crazy to compete against him. "

"Yes, we had a tire advantage, but he helped fight him, but at the end of the day we looked strong against McLaren."

"We were not stronger than them during the race, which is promising for the future." said.

Leclerc also acknowledges that in the first part of the race, besides Red Bull / Renault pilots fighting at the front, Kimi Raikkonen succeeds in keeping up behind him

Asked whether he was surprised to see the Austrian team keep up with the pace, despite the battery problem in the beginning of the race, Leclerc said, "Yes, absolutely.

"There was a reference point, they could not make it with us, and there was someone behind me, I think there was damage to the car, but still we were able to keep it behind us. said.

Leclerc's team-mate Ericsson was 11th among 13 cars that completed the race. Ericsson's race was ruined by a 10-second penalty after the opening strikes Kevin Magnussen.


"I locked the tires and hit them from the side," said Ericsson, "an ordinary opening round."

"A year ago he hit me in Australia the same way, then he was seen as a regular racing accident, this time juggling."

"Maybe the race commissioners changed their way of thinking about things, and it was my mistake, I went after the race and apologized to Kevin, and I did not want to."

"The base and right side of my vehicle were damaged, and after that point we were just trying to finish the race. said.

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