Ricciardo: Red Bull is faster than it looks

Ricciardo: Red Bull is faster than it looks

Daniel Ricciardo believes Red Bull team Bahrain GP is better than in the second practice session


The Australian pilot finished the first practice session in front of 0.3 seconds behind Valtteri Bottas, the sixth in the second practice session, 0.9 seconds behind Kimi Raikkonen.

Ricciardo, however, said Red Bull had a good potential this weekend, while the second session was a factor limiting performance.

Ricciardo, "I do not think that our positions are very important this evening.

"I did not stay in traffic for the first time, so I had to do it in the second try, and I'm sure we can find some more time."

"We changed a few things this evening and did not work as we expected, but in the morning it was really good for us."

"I think the balance is good

"We will change a few things about balance and we will see exactly how it will affect us."

"This session was not very good for us, but my feelings are not much worse."


Ricciardo says he is confident he will do more than qualifying on Saturday.

The Australian pilot said, "I am very confident that we will have a good car."

"I think tomorrow we'll be better off the sixth, and I think we'll be better off in the race." said.


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